PfSense Crashing - "TIMEOUT - WRITE_DMA" - "Fatal trap 12"

  • Hi, i am running 2.1.4-RELEASE (amd64), on a Hacom Mercury IV 1U. We recently (2 updates ago) cut over from the Hacom build of pfSense. With this latest release we seem to be having an issue where pfSense is crashing out after running for a day or a few days.

    Below is the full error i am seeing on the screen when i get to the firewall after it crashes, unfortunately i cant seem to find this in the logs. A restart brings the firewall backup and running but as this is happening multiple time a week at this point i need to see if there is a solution to this.

    Also, Are there any commands i can use when at the "db>" prompt that might give me more of a clue?

    For google bots
    ata2:port is not ready
    ata2 hardware reset timeout
    unknown: TIMEOUT - WRITE_DMA
    Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
    supervisor read data, page not present

  • I've seen this reported for everything form bad RAM to buggy BIOS.  In this case it seems to be having a problem talking to its storage over the ATA bus.  That would explain why there's nothing in the logs, too.  Can't log it if it can't write to the disk.

  • Thanks for the quick reply.

    Yeah that's what i was starting to think looking at teh errors, i guess i can take a look at either changing out the disk or giggling some wires… I think its using a little 2GB SATA DOM device and not a "normal" SSD/HDD so that might be one of the factors making this happen.

    I am guessing this could also be something with the kernal or something also.

  • From what I understand,m this error typically happens during a problem with hardware.

  • hardware issues with your storage device seems to be what is indicated.

    plug in a standard sata drive and reinstall, see if it resolves the problem. if it does, get a 2.5 inch drive and squize it in there ;)

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