Ping works, nslookup works, but nothing else??

  • Hello there,

    Been lurking the forums for a while and I've used pfSense for a couple of years but I can't identify what the issue is with my setup… maybe you can help me. It stopped working suddenly last night after about a year.

    I've updated to latest version.

    I'm using pfSense as a VM in HyperVM. My External NIC is connected to pfSense as WAN. My Internal NIC is connected to my physical LAN and my domain controller. A virtual interface connects the LAN on pfSense to the server.

    External, pfSense to Server, and LAN are all on different subnets. Routing on LAN is performed through RRAS.

    On all my clients (pfsense, server, LAN clients) I can ping and nslookup, but I can't open any web pages for example. I don't get it :| I'm not a networking guru but this is outrageous haha.

    ping ipv4 (no response)
    ping ipv6 (works)
    ping ipv4 (works)
    ping ipv4 (no response)

    nslookup works with all.

    Any ideas? I'm sure it's something really stupid on my end...

    Thank you!

  • that is definately strange….it sounds like a firewall or port forwarding problem but could be that port 80 might be blocked. again just speculating. see if you can access any shttp sites if yes then i would suspect looking at port80.

  • Is your WAN interface dedicated to the VM in Hyper V (should be)? or Shared (should not be)?

    Check your MTUs on your interfaces (and the MTU your LAN needs), especially on the WAN. Disable every MSS Clamping values.
    Are youre gateway settings OK ? LAN = no gateway / WAN = 1 gateway (could be DHCP given).
    Are you sure pings from LAN client to are OK ? Do not only try on the PF, you could be tricked by it's internal interface (

    First : Try a MTU = 1400 on your WAN side.
    Second : Can you browse (IE / FF / whatever) google (lightweight page) ? Can you browse MSN (heavy page) ?

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