Gold menu addition breaks system menu

  • The latest commit to add the gold menu has bumped the help menu to the next line below the system menu.  This makes it so that you can not select any system menu item because when you move down the help menu appears (and the system menu disappears).

    I am using Chrome on Windows.

    2.2-ALPHA (i386)
    built on Wed Jul 30 10:58:06 CDT 2014
    FreeBSD 10.0-STABLE

  • Hi

    Delete your browser cache.

  • I am using 2.2-ALPHA (amd64) built on Mon Jul 28 12:22:20 CDT 2014, and I do not have this problem.  All the menus seem to work fine.  Although I still wouldn't mind if that Gold menu disappeared anyways :)

  • @piz0t:

    Although I still wouldn't mind if that Gold menu disappeared anyways :)

    Very much in agreement with this sentiment. Plastering it all over the website and forums is one thing, but building what I would call 'advertising' directly into an otherwise professional product is a bad move.

  • Hi

    Worst than the gold menu is the dated theme itself, i use the default one.

    From the 5 or 6 themes  the default is the best but:

    • Color is to much red for my taste, my soccer team use red color, its cool for a sport team for a firewall the red only be used on errors stuff.
    • Some sub-menus are misplaced, like reboot/Halt should be in system (I don't see this kind of commands in other firewall, are others programmers wrong?); DNS server in other place, Logout are ok on system but should be with a separator (line or whatever) in bottom or top of the system menu, and so on.
    • Most of sub tabs like in assign or packages should be buttons (the black ones on the pfsense web site, maybe smaller or like the google translator), working like filters. One button should be "All". I have 5 interfaces and one ppp i no need a extra click to see all stuff.
    • When we restart a service, not in Status: Services, we ended redirect to Status: Services, this is wrong most of the time, i don't like it, at last an options to redirect to the service we are.

    I know the GUI is away less  important than the feature set security and stability of a firewall, but pfsense Gui looks old comparing with, ex., Edgeos and the new one is coming with i hope better support for mobile devices and seams have better usability, will se, and the web CLI? man…. Seeing the interface give-me desire of using it. I can't because pfsense is allot better firewall (not in performance, for the price of the hardware) but i would like to have a simple but multi device in question of usability

    This is a little of topic but the "menu" word give-me thoughts about the the theme.

  • @mais_um:


    Delete your browser cache.

    Thanks.  I only just had time to test it again and it fixed itself over time.  Probably because of cache expiration or something.

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