Outbound NAT to VIP not working :o(

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    Having real issues with 2.1.4 and outbound NAT to Virtual IP.

    Anybody that can comfirm this working?

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    Something really wrong….

    Whenever I change this to the parent interface address defined under WAN, then it works on all boxes.

    When I change them to Virtual IP's then they cant connect to the internet. Inbound routing works fine on VIP.

    Outbound doesnt.

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    Here are the screendumps…

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    This is the test setup AMD64 vers. 2.1.4.

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    I have created a case on Redmine concerning this.

  • I just tested this using 2.1.4. Created an IP alias on a OPT-interface, and created a outbound NAT rule that translated the source address to the IP alias. Tested it against an Apache http server, and the client address displayed in the log was the IP alias I created. So at my setup it works, but it could be that it's related to the WAN-interface, which I'm not able to test with.

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    I use alias' as well on the opt1 interface that I renamed DMZ.

    So the routing is from one alias to VIP on WAN interface.

    But even routing from the OPT1/DMZ interface using any instead of alias but keeping the VIP on the WAN, still render it useless regarding traffic redirection to VIP.

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