Routing problem

  • Hi,

    I am trying to setup a subnet on my pfsense 2.1 acting as firewall / router. I have only one interface for LAN so I have created an IP Allies on LAN interface to give it address of /24 The main network is /24. I have also added a as another Gateway and set a static route for /24 to go through which is LAN gateway and same PFSense lan interface holding IP Alias.

    I can ping devices on network from network but I cannot do from to 192…

    Devices on network have gateway set to but I cannot set a static route in pfsense for network for returning traffic from

    Could anybody advice.


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    Use VLAN's instead….

  • Hi,

    Thanks for taking time to answer but my network HW does not support vlans.


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    You can use VLANS on pfsense instead af aliases.

    Just assign vlans under interfaces and choose the parent interface.

    Then pfsense will handle the routing. Unless you traverse traffic via switched hardware then vlan hardware support should be ok.

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