Squid3-dev - disk cache problem

  • Hi,
    I have huge problems with squid3-dev caching to disk - only memory cached are written to disk. Just tested it with clean 2.1.4 and it looks like this:
    1. squid3 package, 1GB disk cache, 100MB files max on disk, memory cache 256MB, max file in mem 32 kB.
    2. on client machine (curl, since there is no local caching and curl has proxy switch; for test purposes, pf is on
    curl -x -O http://download.tuxfamily.org/notepadplus/6.6.8/npp.6.6.8.Installer.exe
    3. again, same curl command, 10MBps (100Mbps network) - so, everything works fine.
    4. squid3 remove
    5. squid3-dev, without removing /var/squid/cache)
    6. curl test =10MBps - great :)
    7. stopping squid, rm -rf /var/squid/cache/* and recreating cache by squid -z
    8. then curl, two times and I got 100KBps…

    I've tested higher maximum sizes of memory cached files, ant those are always written to disk without problem. Clean squid3-dev gives me same effects.
    Any idea how to fix it?

    For now I'm limited to caching files which are smaller than memory cache :/

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