Second ip public nat on second lan interface. How to do?

  • hi all,

    i have a big problem…  :(

    I have a pool of public ip on my pfsense's wan and i have many lan interface.
    I want that all client behind one my pfsense's lan interface (ex. lan 3), come out this another public ip. I also need to do one vpn site to site in ipsec.

    i have read that i need to manual outbound rule, but i am not able to do it.
    Can anybody help me?

    pool public ip  -- wan pfsense -----  lan1    ip public 1
                                                            lan2    ip public 2  and ipsec
                                                            lan3    ip public 3  and ipsec

    My lan (1,2,3) are gateway for my pc.
    I have created virtual ip.

    Tnx so much

    Little result!
    I have created one outbound rule in this mode:
    interface "WAN" protocol "ANY" source network "MYLAN3LOCALIP" Translation "second public ip in Alias Tab".

    Now, my cliend behind lan3 come out with another public ip: good!
    But, how i can do a vpn site to site ipsec?


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