[Solved] pppoe wan can't access internet

  • trying to install pfsense 2.1.4 but the box can't access the internet, not even from the console.  The WAN is set up as a pppoe client and is successfully served with a public ip address from a Mikrotik router, which is essentially connected to a leased line.

    When pinging the BBC from the console, it does manage to get DNS (from ) but fails to get responses from the BBC (you can normally).  I can't ping the DNS server either.

    If I set pfsense up as a DHCP client WAN, everything works fine, including service on the LAN.

    I've attached some screen shots of the setup.

    Please help!



  • sorry folks, the cause was stupidity!

    The ip address that the pppoe server was handing out was already in use.  I changed it to an unused address and everything sprang into life!


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