Installing DNS server

  • Hi all,

    does pfsense come with a dns server i could install as i need to resolve local.computers with there hostnames?

    when i installed pfsense first i added my isp dns servers in the initial.setup stage so atm im going through to my isp dns servers but if i try to resolve one of my hostnames will it not resolve as its trying to resolve it with my isp dns servers?


  • pfSense comes with a built-in DNS Forwarder, or you can install either BIND or dns-server from the Packages list.

  • mmm at the moment my linux machine cant resolve my pc hostname, i have set the two machines to the same dns ip

    is it because i havent installed a dns server on my pfsense machine?

  • You have a Linux box and a pfSense box?  Which machine is your DNS, or is that another server?  Please describe your systems, WAN/LAN settings etc

  • i just have a pfsense machine i dont have a linux dns server or for that matter any dns server on my LAN network

    my pfsense machine is forwarding to my ISP's dns server but i would really like my own dns server so i can resolve hostnames on my LAN

    my WAN is getting a DHCP address from my ISP

    my LAN i have set it as a static address and i have enabled DHCP server on that NIC

    whats the best dns server you think i should install bind or tinydns?

  • Unless you have a lot of hosts on your LAN, I would suggest simply enabling the built-in DNS Forwarder and then using some Host Overrides.  How many LAN clients do you have?

  • i have 8 active DHCP leases and 5 static ip addresses

    ps. if i was to install a dns package what one would you suggest to install - bind or dns-server, what one is the most common and easier to manage?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    The built-in DNS forwarder will work fine at that scale.

    Set your DNS Servers to your ISP's (or google, opendns, etc) DNS Servers: System->General Setup->DNS Servers

    Set your DHCP Servers to provide the default DNS Servers (leave the DNS server entries blank): Services->DHCP Server (select the appropriate interface)

    Enable DNS Forwarder: Services->DNS Forwarder->Enable

    Also on the DNS Forwarder page, you can enable registration of DHCP Leases and DHCP static entries in the DNS forwarder.  You can also set specific host/DNS overrides at the bottom.

  • Thanks Derelict i will give this a go


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