• When I try to specify the "virtual LAN IP" as the NTP server on my client it says failed.  But, when I specify the real lan ip of one of the CARP servers it says success.

    I guess CARP does not push the NTP information through the fake ip.

    Also a side note,  using DHCP on my client picks up all the virtual ip information which is good but when it picks up the DHCP Server it picks it up as the physical box.  Is this ok or does that need ot be changed in a patch?

  • anyone know if i specify the vip wut ports would need to be allowed to allow the vip to be used?

  • So, I've setup pfsense 1.2 using carp for automatic failover.  This is very nice stuff!  However, the ntpd server does not allow the ntpd server to be started on the LAN carp device.  don't forget, that if you edit your openNTP settings, these changes will be lost.  So…

    Try this:

    diagnostics->edit and load the following file:

    and add the following line and save:
    listen on  ( or whatever your LAN carp ip is )

    kill -KILL pgrep -u root ntpd && /usr/local/sbin/ntpd -f /var/etc/ntpd.conf

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