Pocket pfSense!

  • Hi, guys!

    I made a small tutorial to help installing the embedded versions of pfSense into a eBox. It works unexpectedly well, and can manage my home 30Mb cable easily…  ;)

    The original text was made in Brazilian Portuguese, but I provided a Google translator button (sorry folks). With study it can help some intrepid hackers...  ;D

    You can see the tutorial in my personal blog. Click on Google Translator button to choose your desired language. It is not the best, but if you found it useful, please let me know.


  • Cool boxes. What's their price?

  • It can vary a lot among countries… Please look the post, there are some links to sites that sell it.

  • Looks like ~$200-250 USD, depending on model.

  • I suggest you guys to get the 3-eth (big) model. It has more RAM and uses a 15V supply with a standard P4 plug. Other models are powered with 5V, but uses a different (proprietary?) keyed plug. The disadvantage is the absence of a buzzer, I like it. The sound goes out by sound card only.

    There are plenty of eBox models, so choose it carefully, matching the specs which you want.

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