How to setup WiFi on pfSense router

  • I have pfSense with WiFi, however the configuration for WiFi isn't showing the WiFi network on any devices?
    I navigated to pfSense > Interfaces > WiFi > Network-specific wireless configuration > WEP > unticked Enable WEP > WPA > ticked Enable WEP > PSK: testtest > WPA Mode: WPA2 > Save > Apply.

  • did you try rebooting?

  • Yes, I have rebooted.
    I also checked pfSense > Status > Wireless > shows nothing in the firewall, as per

    pfSense > Services > DHCP server > WiFi > Range > to seems wrong. I changed to to > Save > error: The specified range lies outside of the current subnet. How can I make configure the subnet to fit to
    But the Wi-Fi subnet shows which is what I use for to

    Maybe the Wi-Fi NIC Intel Wireless-7260BN H/T doesn't have a driver?
    Seems to have a driver named (ath0)?

  • I'm moving this thread over to here.

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