Multiwan - only failover scenario

  • HI,

    I wonder if it is possible to configure only failover scenario (no load balancing) in multiwan configuration?
    Most of the instuctions describes Multiwan Load Balancing + Failover configuration like this one
    For our purposes, we would like to use the default (primary) link as long as the link is operational. At the moment when the default link goes down, backup link will be activated and it is being used until the default does not recover.



  • Are you running web servers, or just accessing the internet?

    It's easy to mix terms, especially with several different conventions exist.

    For example, hoards of pfSense experimenters DEMANDED that the developers rename Inbound NAT, to "Port Fowarding".  They gave in…  I think I read of that in the pfSense book I was, briefly, able to borrow.

    Also, due to End User "peer" pressure, there's also UPnP, not as a "package", but in the core system.  Ugh!  Security is COMPLETELY AT THE OPPOSITE END OF THE SPECTRUM FROM CONVENIENCE!

    Anyway, it seems like you just want to set up a gateway group, with 2 tiers.

    • Tier 1 will be the primary, and tier 2 will be the fail-over.

    • You need to set firewall rules that use the Gateway Group.

    • It also seems important to set DNS servers, for EACH gateway, in: System > General.

    I've done this, but forgot to set individual DNS servers for each gateway.

    You know, it's just like Christmas.  The first thing you do is THROW AWAY THE INSTRUCTIONS!!! ;)

    Anyway, read this:

    Since the two gateways are in separate tiers, it should be fail-over, not a load balancing scenario.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for the reply, it worked.
    I needed only to access the Internet.
    I did read a lot of manuals and howtos, including, before I went into the configuration, however, nowhere I could not find howto for exactly this kind of scenario (failover only).
    I conclude that the real problem is my test platform (virtualbox), because I already tried all that and I cant managed to get a failover. Everything worked as it should, after the failure of the link, only if I reboot pfsense router. I think there will be work for devlopers to solve problems.
    Your response has encouraged me to try failover in production environment, on the physical machine, and it worked.

    Thanks anyway.


  • You're very welcome!

    I actually learned a bit, by trying to help.

    Just a note…  It seems that putting a Virtual Machine into the mix, often complicates the recipe.  Some VM software does funny things with virtual ethernet and USB.  Some require an extra non-free package to access things like USB.

    Many on these forums, who actually HAVE the knowledge, are often busy.  Far too many are only here for themselves.  Others try and troll.  Many could care less.  It's what you make of it, and what you allow to pass.

    Good luck!

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