Multi wan gateway routing ? (packet marking ?)

  • Hello everyone and thank you for your interest and expertise.

    I am trying to implement a multi wan gateway routing, multi vpn with PFSENSE.

    Vpn are under the Treaty Linksys RV042 router.

    The objective is to make backup links

    RV042 –------ ===== VPN1 ====== RV042
    LAN1 pfSense -------  RV042 -------- ===== VPN2 ====== RV042 -------- pfSense ------ LAN2
                                      RV042 -------- ===== VPN3 ====== RV042

    To do this I use the rules by assigning a gateway in the advanced rules (eg from LAN1 to LAN2 port 80 is use gateway VPN1, same but reverse LAN on the other pfsense ...)

    Before going under pfSense I used the packet marking with IPTABLES ...

    My concern today is that a packet sent from LAN1 to LAN2 via the VPNx hand on the correct link, but when it returns, pfSense does not know who has apparently transmit ...

    PfSense he is able to help me?
    Is what I use the right method?
    What I do not understand?

    Thak's for your interest.

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