500 Internal Error & Killed State in Console

  • Hello,

    I'm using Pfsense for a long time now, but now I'm facing a problem, I've never had before:

    I was upgrading to the newest version of pfsense last hour and everything went fine.

    Then I disabled the "Webconfigurator anti-lockout rule". 1 Minute later, while I was only seeing the firewall rules (I didn't change anything), I got a "500 - Internal Server Error" instead of the WebConfigurator-GUI.

    I didn't lock me out of the GUI because the LAN Firewall allows all to any. But to be sure I disabled pf temporarly over the Shell (connected via USB/Serial) but it didn't help. Also I tried to restart the webconfigurator via the menu (option 11) and after this also didn't work I tried it with the command "killall -9 php; killall -9 lighttpd; /etc/rc.restart_webgui" but this also didn't help. When I exited the Shell it looks like this (Appendix 1):

    I can only enter some options.

    If I choose e.g. 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, or 15 it only reloads the Menu and does nothing. (like you can see in the screenshot). Interestingly e.g. in option 15) it opened the submenus and I could list the last 5 backups but when I chosed one, it ignored the input and reloaded the menu.
    In addition I had all the time Internet connection with pfsense but also with a client, which was connected via LAN-cable to the pfsense.

    So now my question: What made this happen and how can I prevent it in the future? Because that I even can not reboot via the Serial Console makes me a little bit nervous..

    Thanks for any answer in advance


    Edit: now it's getting even weirder: the 500 Internal Server Error and the "killed" state in the console appears in 99% of time now, but for 1 minute or less, sometimes (4-5 times in the last hour), the WebGUI works again, and also the "killed" state in the console has gone away. But after that time the problem appears again. Even when I reboot pfsense I boot immediately in the "500 Internal Server Error" problem.

    Edit2: now i also found out that it affects the captive portal redirection: When I connect with my phone to the Wifi-Captive Portal I get correctly redirected to the captive portal page, which is also shown properly. But when I enter the Voucher-Code I also get the message "500 - Internal Server Error" at my phone.

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