CARP not working in PFSense 2.1.4

  • It seems like CARP is not working in the new version of PFSense, I am using CARP not IP Alias on VIP. My settings is on multiple VLAN the only IP it recognize as master is the IP on the management VLAN  the rest is not.

    The master is recognize as master however backup status is also now master.  IS THIS A BUG on 2.1.4 ?

    Please advise on this

  • CARP in general works fine on 2.1.4. There is an issue with IP aliases that have a CARP parent interface. In that case, you need to install the system patches package, and apply patch for commit ID 2bf2a1c4c9a4ed1c378891e2b0e55edf3ed1a658 on both primary and secondary, then disable/enable CARP or reboot each.

  • yeah it is working well, this is my bad, could have check the switch port .


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