PCENGINES APU - interfaces are DOWN

  • Hi,

    I just installed the new pfsense 2.1.4 version (nano version) into the pcengines APU 1C motherboard.

    All is booting correctly and I can assign the interfaces LAN, WAN and OPT1.

    After assigning the interfaces, all of these are DOWN.

    I reboot the system and on the "Configuring WAN" log line, all the interfaces are getting DOWN.

    ifconfig show me the three interfaces (the LAN with the correct IP) but when I put a RJ45 cable into re0, no light no interface UP, no ethernet connection..

    Any hint for me?

    Thanks you

  • Try to set the speed an duplex mode of the interface to "autoselect".

  • Netgate Administrator

    What are you connecting to? Laptop? Switch? How is that configured?


  • I wonder if that little "reset" button will work in this case?

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