How to create groups by privileges

  • Hi Gurus
    Let me know one question.
    Well if possible to create groups and in base of those applies differents profiles.

    For example,
    Group 1 - Account, which belong the following IP address:,,,
    Group 2 - Engineers, which belong the following IP address:,,,
    Group 3 - VIP, which belong the following IP address:,,,

    So Group 3, could access to any page, have all privileges
    Group 2, access only to bank's web (like citibank, HSK, BBVA, etc)
    Group 1, acces only to certain typies of WEB's like hotmail, gmail, yahoo mail, etc

    In resume, if posible (let me know is I need to install any module) to create different groups and apply policies to these groups to access to certain types of WEB
    In this moment I only installed the squid and the sarg modules

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Why would this be in the dns dhcp section? You can do this very simple with squid, doing it with firewall rules very difficult since your all IP based.  This should really be in packages section with a question on squid.  I would ask a mod to move it.

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