OpenVPN MultiWAN Question

  • Hi,

    I am trying to configure openVPN with my pfsense pc based router. Its properly working when i try to connect locally, but when I try to connect online using my WAN IP it doesnt work. I am also confused with my current configuration at home. Because both of my Internet connection is being provided by a Router+Modem device. So when I connect them to my pfsense router, pfsense gets 2 local IP addresses. WAN1 = and WAN2 =

    I followed this guide ( to make my openvpn work locally. This guide creates firewall rules automatically. Do I need to replica those rules as port forwarding to my Router+Modem devices?

    I am using port 34447 as provided by the guide, should I open 34447 to Router+Modem device 1 and 2? And to which IP should I point them to? Because each Router+Modem device has DHCP. But I used to open pfsense web gui from my computer.

    Anything else I need to configure to make this work?


  • It's not working because you're double NATing.  You need to:

    • Configure the modems in bridge mode, so PFsense gets the public IP's (most people would recommend this option)

    • or Forward 34447 in your modem to PFsense

  • @marvosa
    Its not actually just a modem its a modem+router device. Im very new to networking and stuff, I have no idea if the bridge mode would work with the modem+router.

    I did your #2 suggestion and it worked. Only problem now is how I can port forward to other machines/ips not connected directly to the modem+router.

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