PFsense as Cisco client?

  • Hi all,

    Simple question. Can PFsense replace the Cisco Client software on each of our computers in the network?

    Here is the back ground. Multiple devices around the world connect into our 3rd party VPN via the cellular network. Typically we connect the Cisco software on the computer we wish to access device x or y or z. Once we are finished we are suppose to disconnect the VPN however this is easier said than done. Of course if someone leaves the client connected on a PC and that PC has been locked by them no one else on the network can access the VPN to get data from any of the other devices on the VPN.

    So my thoughts are, have our router (PFsense) maintain the VPN connection thus giving everyone access to the devices they need to from any of the computers on our network, no issue of forgetting to disconnect, multiple downloads to various PC's at one time and perhaps continuously connected to the VPN.

    I wouldn't have thought this would be a hard ask but can't seem to find any info on this.

    I believe the VPN host we connect into is using a Cisco VPN concentrator although I could be wrong.



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