Access Pfsense (Router 2) from RouterModem Device

  • Hi,

    I was wondering how can I access my pfsense router from a router-modem device if the router-modem is connected as a WAN port to the pfsense router?

    This is my setup:
    Internet -> ModemRouter -> Pfsense -> Switch -> PC

    From my PC, I can access the ModemRouter via I can access pfsense via or via the IP assigned to it by the ModemRouter

    I plugged a laptop to the ModemRouter with an IP of I cant access pfsense through or

    How can I address this problem?


  • Netgate Administrator

    The pfSense firewall blocks connections from the WAN interface by default. To access the pfSense webgui from a client connected to the modem/router you need to do two things:
    Add a firewall rule to the WAN interface to allow the traffic. This can be quite restrictive, just the your own IP allowed for example.
    Make sure you have unchecked 'block private networks' in the WAN setup page. Your WAN is in a private network.


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