Disable the Welcome menu after logging into pfsense

  • Hi All,

    Can anyone of you please help me in disabling the welcome menu after logging into pfsense using putty. The scenario is described below.

    Connect pfsense server using Putty. After providing the credentials the welcome screen appears with menu options and to connect to SSH we need to select option 8. Please find the attachment which displays the welcome screen. I need to directly connect to SSH from putty after providing the credentials as I am remotely connecting to pfsense server and I can't provide the option 8 from ssh.

    I haven't found any file which contains this menu items. Please help me in disabling this menu or directly connect to SSH from putty avoiding this menu.

    Eagerly waiting for your replies.

    Thanks in Advance,

  • I am by no means a pfsense expert, but I do understand a bit of linux/unix/BSD. A quick search in /etc revealed, that the root logon user has /bin/sh defined as the login shell.

    /bin/sh (as a login schell) usually sources the system wide initialization file /etc/profile and then, provided it exists, $HOME/.profile. The fiile /etc/profile only consists of comments - so nothing to be gained from there -, but $HOME/.profile (i.e. /root/.profile) runs /etc/rc.initial for interactive shells.

    If you look at /etc/rc.initial you should be able find the menu starting around line 84 - although my menu and the echo commands in /etc/rc.initial also contain a menu entry 15) Restore recent configuration.

    Unless I have overlooked something, that should be the answer to your question.

    Regards Atom2

  • Netgate Administrator

    What are you doing that means you can't select option 8?


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