Pfsense to Sonicwall 57 tunnels

  • All,

    I am debating on using pfsense to establish IPSEC vpn tunnels to 57 sonicwall endpoints….pfsense would be running on a virtual instance, the sonicwalls would be a mix of TZ-190's, TZ-210, and TZ-215's. I am not all that familiar with pfsense, but does anyone think this setup is feasible from a performance and stability perspective?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Performance depends on the CPU that it has available.

    Stability would be more up to the Sonicwall sides than pfSense.

    We've had people running 300+ tunnels on pfSense before without issue (I believe they were almost entirely Draytek routers on the other side). It's not a problem with pfSense in general, but might be with your specific implementation.

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