New setup, site to site netgear v1

  • Forgive me if these questions have been asked, but when searching for them I came up with a broad search result.

    I am planning on changing my current getgear fvx538 (dual wans, one dsl and one cable) which shouldn't be an issue with pfsense. I was reading somewhere that pfsense currently didnt support per wan dyndns yet which would be needed for my vpn's. The vpn's are another issue. I read how to setup a netgear to connect to a pfsense box, but that was with a netgear version which supported VPN policies and ike policies. With that said, would it be possible to change the ike and vpn policies on the pfsense side for one vpn connection?


  • I have a customer with a similar type of setup and it's working fine.  He is using roadrunner and the ip does change.  I setup dynamic DNS on his end and just up date the pf-sense end when it changes.

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