Multi-WAN one gateway always offline

  • Hey All,

    I have a pfsense setup that looks like the following:

    ISP                                                  BUILDING LAN
    |                                                                  |
    |                                                                  |
    +–----------- PFSENSE --------------------------+

    The ISP WAN connects without issue
    The BUILDING LAN WAN connection does not connect at all

    All out internet traffic goes through the ISP line, and the BUILDING LAN is only used for legacy connections to the data center (VPN on BUILDING LAN)

    Currently the gateway for the BUILDING LAN on the pfsense box is offline constantly.

    Currently all users are connected directly to the BUILDING LAN with no issues.....

    Any help on this matter would be amazing as I have spent 2 days googling and reading documentation/forums/etc with no solution.

    Thanks in advance


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