NTP can't sync when use w32tm command.

  • I have set NTP on pfsense and bind to LAN.When I use some gui ntpsync software can sync ntp server.But if use "w32tm /resync" command can't sync it.What's wrong it?My pfsense is 2.1.4

  • Are you using your pfsense box as the dhcp server? If so, have you set the NTP setting to point to your pfsense box?

  • It looks like I have this issue, I have the Win7 synchronize every 24 hrs with the 2.1.4 Pfsense ntp server, but after one or 2 days, I get a 30 sec difference.

    I switch the Win7 to the same external NTP server pfsense use, time was the same, now I  will see in a few days if the clock loose sync.

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