RouterModem + pfsense Router

  • Hi,

    I was wondering how do I port forward from 2 routers with 2 different gateways?

    My connection is like this:

    Internet -> RouterModem ( -> pfsense box ( from RouterModem and from Client Devices/PCs)

    I wanted to open a port for my Apache. But I cant add the IP ( of my PC to the RouterModem because its from a different gateway. How do I make this work?

    I already tried opening a port (8181) from RouterModem on IP Then I opened the same port (8181) on pfsense for the IP but doesnt seem to work.


  • You should switch the router in bridge mode if this is possible and configure your public IP on pfSenses WAN interface.
    In your setup you do double-NAT and the are issues if you want to reach a host behind from the internet.

    You may also switch your pfSense in bridge mode, but when do so you cannot use services on pfSense like captive portal or VPN server.

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