• Hello to all that such.

    I am new to this distro firewall, and the truth is that I need to install a firewall on my wireless network, and have read quite well for me pfsense and motivated to prove it.

    I downloaded the live CD iso, burn to cd, and then I pulled up the CD with a DVD + usb controller, and the start of the live cd pfsense, I get the following:

    CD Loader 1.2

    Building the boot loader arguments
    Looking up / BOOT / LOADER ... Found
    Relocating the loader and the BTX
    Starting the BTX loader

    BTX loader 1.00 BTX version is 1.01
    Consoles: interval video / keyboard

    0000000d = int err = 00000000 00030206 eip = 000023d6
    Eax = 00008001 = 00000700 ebx ecx = 00000000 edx = 0000009f
    Esi = 000000b68 edi = 00000000 00000000 esp = 0000003d2
    Cs: eip = 2e 0f 01 16 f8 27 0f 20-c0 0c 01 0f 22 c0 b8 30
    ...................( And many more numbers )......................... ....

    BTX halted

    I searched in google about this error, and I read in forums, which may be a misconfiguration of the bios, to be activated DMA or something similar on hard disks, but I am trying without any hard disk connected to the machine.

    The CD boot it from a DVD + usb controller.

    I also tested with the hard drive connected and still does not work.

    The bios of this is a pc: Phoenix - Award Bios

    Any solution?

    Thank you so much for your attention and for this great forum.

  • If you search the forum you'll see that booting pfSense (well, FreeBSD upon which it's based) from USB is almost impossible - see this thread.

  • Hello and thank you for your reply Cry Havok.

    I tried, recording pfsense live cd.iso with physdiskwrite a pendrive kingston, and neither works, it shows the same error.

    How could install pfsense in this mini computer?
    I can not find the way and I are keen to prove pfsense.

    Thank you for your interest and for this great forum.

  • Well, as you don't say what "this mini computer" is, who knows ;)

    I'd start with not using USB storage media.

  • Hello of new,and greets for you help.

    My mini pc,have the motherboard then one single conector IDE For Hard disk, no have IDE for
    connect cd/dvd, and not have memory reader intern.

    As install pfsense en my computer, without use usb storage media?

    Any idea?

    Greets for you help.

  • IDE/PATA allows you to connect 2 devices to the chain.  One of these can be a hard disk, one a CD/DVD ROM.  Power draw may be an issue, but without you actually telling us what you have (brand, model, specifications) there's no way of saying.

    Alternatively, as you'd already know if you'd searched the forum, the other option is to install the hard disk in a computer that has a CD/DVD ROM drive and install on there, then move the hard disk to the other system.

  • Hello again and thanks for your help Cry havok.

    The hard drive is of my mini pc 2.5''.

    Install pfsense in other official computer?
    We installed and then change the machine's hard drive and nothing more?, The kernel does not show error?

    Thank you so much for your help.

  • Ok, what did you install?  What version (exactly) and what option (full or embedded).

  • I can not reach up to the installation, I just began its live CD, shows me the mistake I entered above.

    The live CD version is 1.2 RC4.

    Greetings and thank you very much.

  • See:

    You should also try downloading the FreeBSD 6.2 (i386) ISO and see if that produces the same problem.  If it does then it's likely that your hardware (whatever it is - you still haven't said) doesn't work with pfSense/FreeBSD.

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