Edit /boot/loader.conf.local

  • Let me start by saying I'm a complete newbie on Linux and this is the first time I've tried pfsense.

    Installation is being done on a Soekris net-6501-30 using a usb sandisk 4gb
    Installing pfsense 2.1.4-Release i386

    My first problem was booting stopped with mountroot error.  I found info on this and from the loader prompt typed -

    set kern.cam.boot_delay="10000"

    and it booted up and I'm able to log into the GUI, etc… no problem.  Now I want to make this command permanent.

    Second problem that I've not been able to figure out.
    When I go to diagnostics | edit file -
    browse - nothing happens
    type in /boot/loader.conf.local and load - says loading file and never changes

    So I thought I'd try using the Shell from serial connection -
    when I type edit /boot/loader.conf.local - it doesn't recognize that command


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