Run embedded Pfsense on a 2GB USB PEN DRIVE

  • I am testing Pfsense 1.2 RC4 on a Mini-Itx Commel LV602(PIII 1000Mhz) but i installed it on a 2GB USB PEN DRIVE.
    I works but its a bit slow ,is it possible to run the embedded version on a ordinary x86 architecture,are some sort of special steps needed ?
    I have written the image to the USB drive with  physdiskwrite, but it when i boot it it does not start.
    I remember reading something about a limitation of  physdiskwrite about drives above 800 Mb (i don't remember what was the problem)
    I have a 2 Gb pen because i wuold like to run some packages(Snort,NUT,etc)

    you need a harddisk to use packages.

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