IPV6 /56 allocation setup

  • Hi,

    we have IPV6 /56 allocation from our provider.

    core router (wan /127 (2 IPs one connected to isp gateway and the other on our wan core router
    on our lan of the core router we have a /128 (4 ips on of which is on our pfsense firewall

    Core Router wan IP: 2A00:xxxx:300C:2000::A79
    Core Router wan gw IP: 2A00:xxxx:300C:2000::A78

    Core Router lan IP 2A00:2381:xxxx:5:21D:AAFF:FEB9:E562

    PFsense IPv6 Wan IP: 2A00:xxxx:xxxx:5:21D:AAFF:FEB9:E561

    from pfsense I can ping ipv6.google.com no problem.

    on the lan side of the pfsense firewall I wanted to use

    2A00:xxxx:xxxx:5:21D:AAFF:FEB9:F000 (prefix 120) however this is not pingable from the local pc unless I set this to /64

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You should create the same type of scheme used to route the space from your ISP to you.

    Pick a /64 from which to assign /127s.  Assign a /127 to both your core router and pfsense.

    Tell your core router to route one or more /64s out of the /56 to pfsense.

    Assign those /64s to the proper interfaces.

    Don't assign anything other than /64s to any interfaces.  Subnets get /64s.

  • ah, found out the issue.

    we have a /56 (256 IPv6 /64 blocks

    so I have changed IP6v subnet on lan of pfsense from




    I can now ping 2A00:xxxx:xxxx:4:21D:AAFF:FEB9:F000 from the internet

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