Installing on IBM MX1004

  • I have just purchased an IBM ISS MX1004 appliance box and from what I have read, I can install pfsense.

    I have all the necessary console cable.

    The MX1004 has a built in hard drive, so whats the best method to install it to the hard drive. Do I connect to the appliance box via terminal emulation and the console cable or is there a preferred method to do this

    All help much appreciated.

  • I managed to get this installed

    If anyone is interested I flashed the USB image to a USB drive and connected to back of the MX1004 (it has 2 USB ports at back)

    Used Hyperterminal with the serial console cable supplied to installed pfsense to manage the embedded box (Putty gave me problems)

    To boot from USB go into BIOS then set the hard drive order as USB flash pen (ensure you have plugged in the USB flash pen for the BIOS to detect it)  then also change boot order to Hard Disk as first.

    The ethernet ports at back (4 of them) are marked - External was used as WAN port and Internal as LAN port - the other 2 can be configured for DMZ or another subnet.

  • Hello,

    I read your post and at least found a method of installing pfsense in MX1004. The issue is, I am stuck with the hyperterminal. Could you please let me know how what commands did you run to get the boot order changes in MX1004 firewall.

    Thanks in advance.


  • I went into the BIOS screen (think you press F1 ) and set the USB to be first boot device

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you access the bios using the serial console it would be surprising that 'F1' worked. The F keys don't usually work over serial. 'TAB' is commonly used instead of 'del' for example.


  • It is the Delete key that is used to enter the BIOS. However, several of the F keys do work once in the BIOS, like F10 to save and exit. I didn't have any problems using Putty 0.63.

    One point that might be worth mentioning aout these boxes, is that the front panel lists the rightmost port as 0 Internal and the port to its left is labelled 1 External. However, when setting up Pfsense for the first time, the rightmost port ( 0 Internal ) is msk3 and the port to its left ( 1 external ) is msk 2. I found this out after setting up msk0 and msk1 and thinking they were the ports labelled 0 and 1 on the front panel. I couldn't understand why my pings were failing!

    All sorted after a cuppa  :)

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