Schedule speed at night for WAN on selected devices only

  • Hello everyone,

    I’m running basic pfsense v2.1.4 and I would like to schedule speed limit when my kids go to bed so they they won’t get patients for slow speed like at 0.2 to 0.3kb/s for internet but full speed for LAN only so my kids can check the video surveillance

    Schedule at 8pm to 6am at maybe 0.2kb/s, during day time full speed

    Can you help me and guide the step to step and will use mac address (IP been reserved on their mac address)

    Also I'm consider if schedule can block facebook during that time and how to do?


  • I haven't done what you're trying to do before, but you would first create a schedule via Firewall - Schedules. Next, create the limiters via Firewall - Traffic Shaper - Limiter to limit in/out traffic to the speed you want.  Lastly, you would create a firewall rule that uses your schedule (Firewall - Rules - (edit your rule) - Advanced features - Schedule) and targets your kids IP addresses, directing their traffic to the limiter (Firewall - Rules - (edit your rule) - Advanced features - In/Out).

  • Hello, been a while that topic is old and it seem not work property… anyone have a better guide so I can get it to work property?

    I only want internet to be slow during bed time but full speed on internal network, external speed need to put on limiter


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