Pre-knowledge to more understanding pfsense

  • Hi,

    I learned a bit on pfsense through this forum alone and trial and error. However, it seems I'm getting slow in apprehending semi-advance topic on pfsense.

    What knowledge or background knowledge would somehow understands pfsense? Should I study php, or unix or bsd? what area of knowledge should i concentrate?


  • It's assumed that you already have some basic networking knowledge or you won't get very far at all.  After that, I'd start with the pfSense Definitive Guide, which you can get by becoming a Gold member.  pfSense can do so much that you aren't likely to become an expert on all of it.  I learned what I needed to learn, and started picking the rest up by reading an experimenting.

  • you give me home my friend.

    I learned networking from the internet and a few trial and errors until i found myself working a wireless networking like Ptp, and PtMp.

    I have the definitive guide downloaded and have interacted with some guys here.

    Okay…I'll take that chances!

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