How to perform backup without Webguib

  • Hi people,

    I'm in a trouble right now, I just upgraded to Beta2, and everything seemed fine, but today I can't access the webgui  :'(

    Everything else seems to be working just fine, blocked ports, browsing, I even can access via ssh.

    So I decided to make a fresh Beta2 install, and since my backup files aren't up to date, I was wondering if there is any way I can get my precious config files via ssh, in order to put them on the new server.  Is it possible?

    Maybe someone else was in the same situation, and found a way out.

    I also tried resetting the LanIP address, and reseting to HTTP my webgui, with no luck  :'(

    The most important configurations I would like to save are:


    Anyway I'll keep looking for a solution, and thanks in advance people!!!  :)

    Emanuel Gonzalez

  • Get WinSCP from and connect to your pfsense with the same credentials you use to ssh in. The configfile is located at /conf/config.xml. Just download it and you are good to upload that later at the webgui again.

  • Thanks Hoba!!!

    Just one more question…

    What are the chances that the config.xml get something wrong and once uploaded on the new server, it shows the same behavior??

    Well thanks again Hoba!!

  • If that is the case you can revert to factory defaults at the console and rebuild the config from scratch. You can view through the config.xml after downloading it. It's kind of "readable" as everything besides the webgui password is in clear text. In case this config is from a really old install and was upgraded a lot of times I would suggest rebuilding it from scratch anyway.

  • Back to the original subject, you can also use execraw.php …

  • OK, thanks!

    I finally got access to my webgui again…  it wasn't a bug, it was just a misstyped port for the webgui.

    Anyway, I found that if you use a different port for the webgui, some of the utilities, don't work, but I'll start a new topic for this in order to get the forum clear.

    Thanks again for your help people!!! :)