IPsec Tunnel Keeps on Dropping

  • Hi,

    I need help with PFsense IPsec. We recently face intermittent drops with one of our tunnel. Upon checking with our provider (currently doing some upgrades on their network) they said that all is working fine from their end. They have change their equipments to isolate it but we are still facing  constant drops on this link. We have vyatta doing the gre tunnel however this is over the IPsec on PFsense that connects to the internet

    I have attach one of the recent log I got from the PFsense at the remote site

    any help will be really appreciated


  • By the way the PFsense version is 2.0.2 release

  • Is there a lot of traffic on this tunnel? In my experience, if the tunnel is idle for a while, it will drop at one or both ends and require manual re-starting.

    Try running a constant ping or similar from one end to another to see if that improves stability.

  • Thanks for the post. I have done that without any luck

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