PPPOE & static ip address on ATT DSL

  • So we have a static ip address from ATT on our DSL line. However its more of a static lease. I still have to use pppoe to authenticate and they just assign me that address every time. This seems to cause a problem when the lease gets renewed. The Wan interface restarts which causes DNS to reload? At any rate about the same time every day all of my clients get unable to resolve host for about a minute or so. If everyone waits a minute or so it all comes back fine without my intervention. But needless to say it causes problems with transfers etc. …

    Is it a bug that everything else is reloading when the wan ip is "changed" to the same ip?
    Seems like if the renewed address is the same as the last address nothing else needs to happen.

    Any ideas?

  • Are you doing PPP authentication on the modem, or on the firewall?  You could try having the modem do your PPP auth, and then set pfsense to just use the same IP you seem to always be issued.  Or, if you're already doing auth on modem, try letting pfsense do it.

    That's all I got for ya.


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