Home network routing: Internet access via Linksys router

  • I was wondering if anyone may have some help to offer.

    I am trying to set up a virtual lab on my PC. I am using VirtualBox on my host and I have a Linksys router connected to my ISP router (Comcast) and my PC with my VM’s sits behind that.

    It is connected like this: Host(VM’s pfSense, 2012 server) > Linksys router> ISP router

    The DHCP address assigned by my ISP router to the Linksys is and the ISP router address is (default gateway for the Linksys).

    When I configure the pfSense router it is assigned a WAN address of and a LAN address of by the Linksys.

    I have run out of ports on my ISP’s router and would like to be able to access the internet from behind the Linksys but when I install 2012 server, I am able to log into the pfSense router but when I set the default gateway and apply the settings, I kicks me out and I am unable to logon or even ping the pfSense router.

    I have set static addresses and my IP settings on the server are as follows:
    IP Address=
    Default Gateway=
    DNS Server=

    I have turned off all firewalls as well as IE enhanced security but I am still unable to ping the pfSense router.

    I get the following two default gateway listings when I do an ipconfig on the server:       
    Default Gateway………………….fe80::1:1%12
    I am wondering if I am having an issue with IPv6 which is why I am getting the fe80::1:1%12 as the first default gateway listed on the server.

    I am able to get internet when I remove the router and my host ids connected to my OSP router but when I put everything behind the Linksys but I would like to build a lab in this configuration.

    I tried deleting the block private networks rule because my WAN lies in a private address space when connected to the Linksys. (i.e. 192.168.x.x)

    I guess my questions would be, what addresses should I be entering for the default gateway and the preferred DNS on the 2012 server nic?

    Is there some configuration on the pfSense router to allow me to connect?

    And wouldn’t the gateway entry in the web configurator be

    Any help is greatly appreciated!  :)

  • I don't know if if their NIC bridges are accessible from the host or what.  What I ended up doing was making a virtual lab that's self-contained.  My home LAN is, so I gave my pfSense WAN (Virtualbox bridged NIC) an IP address of  For LAN I used on intnet1 and OPT1 (DMZ) I used on intnet2.  Then I created some lightweight Lubuntu clients on LAN, a Ubuntu server on OPT1 and a Windows box on WAN. Then I do all my testing from one of the LAN or WAN clients instead of my PC.

  • Thank you so much for the info.  :) I am going to try that. I think the LAN addressing is the issue.

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