Masquerading from LAN to OPT1

  • Hi!
    What about if I wish to have masquerading from the LAN interface to the OPT1 interface?
    I have a Soekris net4501 system with 3 network interfaces.
    The first network is the LAN, the second one is the WAN and the third one is another network (OPT1) which the LAN clients needs to connect to.
    I can reach the WAN from the LAN, but I can't reach any host on the OPT1 from any LAN client.

    The OPT1 has as IP address, and I can ping an host (for example from the m0n0wall web interface.
    From a LAN client which is using m0n0wall as default gateway I can ping the OPT1 IP address ( but I can't ping the host.
    No log is shown on the firewall logs.

    Could you help me to found the problem?

    Thank you very much!

  • First, this is pfSense and not m0n0wall  :P
    Second, I assume the clients at OPT are using another default gateway that doesn't have a route back to your LAN subnet vie the pfSenses OPT IP. Masquerading would fix that but could cause other trouble on the other hand. Adding a route at the OPT's clients default gateway would be the "cleaner" solution imo. If you reall wan't to NAT enable advanced outbound NAT at Firewall>NAT and add a mapping for LAN to OPT with OPT IP of the pfSense there.