Stuck on pfsense installation

  • stuck :(

    Ive waited 30min for the PC to finish the installation, but nothing happens.
    I have also restarted the PC and tried the setup process again, and each time Im getting stuck at the exact same spot.

    See the attached Picture for more info where Im getting stuck.
    ![pfsense error2.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/pfsense error2.jpg)
    ![pfsense error2.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/pfsense error2.jpg_thumb)

  • Netgate Administrator

    More information please.
    Which install type? Which pfSense version? What hardware? Is this the first time running pfSense on that box?


  • After 2 day of trial and error, I found out the hard way that the swedish tutorial at was totally wrong (  ).

    In the tutorial it was said to do the LiveCD configuration first, and that didnt work at all, the installation program halted I never got passed selecting the LAN interfaces.

    Finaly after 2 days of trying to follow the tutorial I gave up and did the totally opposite of what the tutorial said, and formatted the drive and installed the software to the harddrive first, and then I ran the LiveCD and everything went like clockwork.

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