1 WAN interface 2 OPT interfaces pulling DHCP from external ISP

  • I'm trying to set up pfSense as a transparent bridge in between my 2 networks and my cable modem.

    Basically, I have

    1 WAN adapter plugged into my cable modem
    1 OPT1 adapter going to my "private" network (bridged with WAN)
    1 OPT2 adapter going to my DMZ network (bridged with WAN)

    it's been VERY long since I've worked on getting my OPT1 adapter to pull a DHCP address from my ISP… now that I have my DMZ network, the device behind the bridge on OPT2 is not getting an IP from DHCP.

    I see.


    In my state table, so I know the DHCP reply is getting blocked by the firewall...

    I've got * * * * rules for my DMZ network, basically allowing anything WAN -> DMZ

    I've also tried allowing to the broadcast network, etc and so on...

    What am I doing wrong? How can I get the device plugged in behind OPT2 to get it's IP from my ISP's external DHCP server?

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