Using 2.1.4 config in 2.2

  • I did a fresh install or 2.2 and restored my 2.1.4 configuration and after reboot it crashes (hangs) on "Configuring users" (I don't remember the exact message, it was after "Configuring firewall").  I can not do an upgrade because I am going from i386 to amd64.  I used the 8/15 snapshot.  What is the best way to upgrade?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That should work fine.

    The "configuring users" bit is a known issue that we haven't yet tracked down, but it should work if you restart it a couple times, on the systems that do have the issue it doesn't happen on each boot.

    You can also ssh to the box when it's stuck there and run "killall -9 pw" and it will then continue on.

  • Thanks for the workarounds.  I will give it a try & report back.

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