New antivirus package and working squid?

  • So it seems I began using pfSense at a bad time.  After hearing a lot on YouTube and other sites how good it was, I am now finally giving it a try.  In its default, it works fine, but no better than my prior Linksys RVS4000 router.

    What attracted me was the proxy, wap, and antivirus addons.  The Linksys had none of those.  And pfSense has HAVP and Squid.  But I am coming up short on both.  I found out the hard way, HAVP is dead and incompatible, and Squid panics on random Google search results and YouTube.

    So the questions are, is there a successor to HAVP in the works where Clam works again?  And what are users doing to make YouTube and Google work with Squid?

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