How to block videos by title on youtube using SquidGuard?

  • For example,i want to block videos that contain the word "cat" in the title. I also do not want the blocked videos appearing in:

    -Recommended Channels tab

    -Recommended/related videos

    -Search results

    Basically i am trying to imitate this:  (but the problem with this extension is you cannot setup custom filters or use regex, you have to manually block each and every video)

    Also,can you please provide your answer  with instructions.

    Any advice is appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • Any luck for this…... even I am also looking for the solution,

    I am able to block the search query on youtube by squidguard regular expression but not able to block recommended channels or videos.

    e.g. I am using songs as regular expression which is blocking in youtube search, but not able to block the suggested video's or recommended one.

    has anyone successfully implemented this ?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    SquidGuard can only look at the URL, not the page content, and the title is part of the page content. You'd need some sort of icap scan/filter setup to do what you're after and I don't think there is currently anything of that nature in the package.