Forward Specific Traffic over VPN not working

  • Hi everyone. I read lots of FAQ, hints, instructions and used the search in the forum.
    But unfortunately, I did not succeed.

    I want to use my VPN Gateway for special traffic (for this post assume - it´s to check, if it´s working).

    For this I have assigned the following ALIASES:

    • VPN_Hosts  (,
    • VPN_Targets (

    On my interface CISCO_WAP (00:0d:b9:34:da:9e) I have defined the following RULES:

    Proto 		Source 		Port 	Destination 	Port 	Gateway
    IPv4 TCP 	* 	VPN_Targets	* 	VPN_GATEWAY_VPNV4 
    IPv4 * 		* 		* 	* 		* 	WAN_DHCP 
    IPv4 * 		CISCO_WAP net 	* 	* 		* 	* 
    IPv6 * 		* 		* 	* 		* 	* 

    I have no idea why, but the first rule is not applied. What do I have to change?
    I assume, that the concept is not working in general, because if I try to use the VPN_GATEWAY for every (*) destination, I do not get an internet connection any longer.  :'(

    Please help me out to configure it appropriately!
    Thanks a lot for your expertise.

    If you need any further information, please let me know and I will share it with you!