Bursting Web Browsing

  • I have tried a numerous amount of times to try and get this to work and can't seem to figure it out.  I have the 1.2 RC4 hard drive install.  I am trying to figure out how to have either a single ip address, or a brick of ips, either way, to get a web browsing (or at least any anything just test purposes now) burst for 2 seconds of 1024Kb, then get throttled back to 128Kb after that.  It just seems easy to use the m1/d/m2, and a rule pointing the ip/brick to it, but i can't figure it out; I keep getting my max speed all the way through, not a burst and then slowed down???!  I have set the TS wizard to 1024/256 total, then made a queue for total 1024Kb, priority 7, upperlimit m1: 1024Kb, d: 2000, m2: 128Kb, and realtime to m2: 128Kb, and parent queue qwanRoot.  If someone could please at least point me in the right direction, or possibly something i am missing or need to fix, i'm sure i am.  Would I have to just set the upperlimit area m1/d/m2.  ANy help would be greatly appreciated; I just have not been able to find someone with the same configuration as I am trying to do, either on m0n0wall, pfsense, smoothwall, and IPCop.

  • Don't use realtime here and you have to use upperlimt to do your magic.

    IE bandwidth 1024Kb upperlimit 1024/5/128

  • How about in the rules, do i have to make a rule for in and out to the ip, and a queue in and out to correspond.  Or can I just make a Queue called burst with 1024/2000/128 in the upperlimit, and a rule pointing the ip from wan -> lan subnet.  What about the parent queues, what are those?  i so greatly appreciate this conversation, if I get this working, a step by step tutorial is going up!

  • do not use parent queues! first rule.

    Just setup 2 queues one for inbound 1 for outbound and make traffic for the host you want to limit to match those queues.

  • do 2 rules have to be created, 1 for in and 1 for out, and what about the priority of the queue, and the target on the rule.  I 100% appreciate your help Eri!!

  • When i make a rule, what are the targets, the / on the first selection?  does it have to be a qwanRoot/burst_in, for the inbound traffic, and the qlanRoot/burst_outbound traffic?

  • As i said do not use parent queues.
    Setup one rule for outgoing, i fyou want all you peers to get this type of service just setup qACK and the qBurst.
    The same for incoming.

    The queues on rules should be qACK and qBurst or whatever you name it.

  • I know this is soo asking alot, but any screenshots would help!  I just can't seem to make it work, there is always errors that show up, and my queues won't load, because a parent isn't assigned.  When I do a speedtest, shouldn't it go from lets say 1024 for however long, and then drop down to whatever i make it for m2, 128.  It just won't drop, it stays at the max of 1024.  I thought maybe m0n0wall would be easier to do, and I don't see any setting for such a thing, pfSense seems MUCH more robust over m0n0!

  • I'll go through the wizard to do a basic setup, all defaults to get through, d/l is 1024, u/l is 256, that finishes and creates itself.  I make a queue named qburst, with max of 1024, priority 7, ack selected, upperlimit only of 1024, 2000 (for 2 secs), 128, and no parent specified.  and i am lost after that?

  • Well i am not comfort anymore with the GUI of the shaper on 1.2 since got used to the one i wrote.

    You don't have to select ack for qBurst you create, i mentioned ack for the rules section.
    But no iirc you should not mess with ack with 1.2 it will get assigned automatically.
    So you have to create 2 queue qburstin and qburstout for incoming and outgoing and use this queues on rules section with the specified queues.

    For the other errors i cannot say a thing other than make it work, sorry.

  • Is there a different version that maybe better for what I would like to do?  I create 2 queues: qburst_out, with 128Kb for upload, in the gui, what priority does it need, and parent queue is unchecked, and not parent queue at the bottom is not chosen, and what goes in the upperlimit, and realtime?  Does the 3 upperlimit fields get filled in, and realtime is not used at all?  Or is realtime only used on m2 for 128Kb, because it is just an upload speed.  And the download queue, qburst_in, what priority, no parent queue checked, an not parent queue chosen, what priority, and what fields for the m1/d/m2, and for which set, the upperlimit, or the realtime.  Again I absolutely appreciate your help eri–!

  • I got it to work, sort of.  I edited the qlanRoot, and only used the upperlimit 3 fields.  I set the queue to 4096k, m1 to 25%, d to 4000, m2 to 13%.  this way i get 1024k roughly to 4 seconds, and get dropped to 256k after the 4 seconds.  But EVERY SINGLE time i create a new queue to be a parent, so that i don't have to edit the main qlanRoot, i get this error, the "new queue" that i create, with basics of 1024 pipe, and a parent, the error is it has no parent???  weird.  but anyways i got the bursting to work.

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