Scheduled Shaping

  • Basically I want to run two sets of rules when it comes to traffic shaping. I want to be able to give priority to the essential services (web browsing and VoIP) while harshly limiting P2P during the day and at night let the P2P have the normal amount of bandwidth (possibly still giving priority to VoIP).

    I was thinking of doing this via a cron job. (In theory it shouldn't be too hard.) For example, by first replacing the existing traffic shaping rules with either the specific day or night rules, then secondly, to run the QoS refresh function.

    My questions are:

    • Where are the traffic shaping rules kept?

    • Can I replace these on the fly without affecting anything?

    • What command(s) do I need to run to refresh the rules?

    Any and all help would be most appreciated.

  • you should post a bounty to get this done, i've found contributing a bit of money goes very far with the developers.

  • Just do you classification right and you do not need scheduled shaping.
    The discipline that you have HFSC allows for traffic in lower queues to use the whole available bandwidth when available.

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