PfSense 2.2 with Atheros AR9285 in 802.11n mode

  • All of this pertains to an Intel Atom EEEBox pc.

    I upgraded to the 2.2 alpha with intentions of getting my wireless AP working on 802.11n with my AR9285 mini-pcie card. I was able to upgrade without a problem, but the only options I can select in the Interfaces:LAN:Standard menu are: 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11ng.

    Switching to 802.11ng causes the WLAN to go down, "No carrier".

    Changing to 802.11g still works as it did prior to upgrading. I didn't check my connection standard/speed prior to the upgrade, but with the LAN setting set to 801.11g, my macbook reports it's connecting at 72mbps, 802.11n. I don't know if it's actually able to use the bandwidth, and I don't know if it connected at that speed prior to upgrading. I'm confused about it connecting on 802.11n, when the LAN is set to 802.11g.

    The card is supposedly good for 150mbps. Are there some other settings I should tinker with to get more speed? Is there another half-height mini-pcie card that is better supported and faster?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I ended up downgrading to 2.1.4. In 2.2 I tried toggling my openvpn on and off, and lost the ability to use it at all, even after restoring my configuration. The status would just show "Unable to contact daemon."

    On 2.1.4, my laptop connects with 802.11g at 54mbps, whereas on 2.2 I was connecting with 802.11n at 72mbps(even though I couldn't set the interface to run 802.11ng, only 802.11g). I think I'm just going to wait until 2.2 is released, or get a smart switch and put my pfsense box ahead of my existing router using vlans(limited expansion slots) and avoid using the wifi card at all.

  • Just trying to confirm… did you get the AR9285 working at N speed on 2.2?

    I have a Atheros AR9287 that I have the same issue with... if I select "802.11ng" the interface will not come up. I'm also fairly confident that when I bring it up using "802.11g" it is only getting 54mbps.

  • I also have a AR9285, and am having this issue with the 2.2 build. Did you ever get this resolved?

  • No… Still asking questions on another thread where someone says it is working - but I haven't been able to confirm 'N' speed in hostap mode.

  • Here is my current setup on Riverbed  Steelead 100 with mikrotik R52hn

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