Get Auto Configuration Backup to skip backing up when pfblocker updates

  • My Gold Membership Auto Configuration Backup is full of junk backups, because, my hourly and 3 hourly and 6 hourly pfblocker list updates are triggering Auto Configuration Backup's.

    Can we somehow get a check box that lets Auto Configuration Backup get skipped for pfblocker reloads?

  • I've just noticed since going to 2.2.2 my auto configuration updater is triggering every hour and I've had about four alerts stating that the backup has had an error.  I kept the defaults in pfblockerng so it looks like that may be causing the backups.  This did not appear to be the case in 2.2.1 using pfblockerng.  Is there something I need to change?


  • I just noticed that my box is doing the same thing.

    And I REALLY need a valid backup file to restore.

    I just upgraded today, from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2 and the upgrader (from some reason) downgraded me from amd64 to i386.

    I checked the box to do a "Full Backup" before the upgrade, but it only created a file with the size of 0.

    So now, when I really need a backup from my pfSense Gold archive - it is also junk.

    I am so mad, that I can spit nails.

    $100 subscription was a complete waste.

    And now I am sitting with a corrupted system that is over 1300 miles away.

  • There's nothing wrong with the backups resulting from pfblocker updates, it just rolls over the config history both in ACB and the built-in config history significantly more quickly so you lose the ability to go back further in time than you otherwise would be able to.

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    I do have an upcoming update for pfBlockerNG which will avoid 'removing' and 'adding' the Cron task each hour if there are no changes to the Cron task configuration. This will eliminate some of the backup log spamming issue.  I will try to get it posted this weekend. However, it doesn't eliminate the need for Offsite backups.

  • Only 100 backups are retained in Gold Service archive.
    Hourly "junk" backups (because of the pfblockerng) = 24 per day
    Which means that only the past 4 days are kept on the Gold Service archive.

    And "nothing is wrong" with this ????????

    WTF !

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    Dude. Chill out. Noone's forcing you to use the package, nor forcing you to do the updates every 3 hours, or even every hour! Are those some paid subscriptions? If not, for goddamn sake stop this useless hammering of the upstream blocklist servers.

  • @doktornotor : Why the antagonism? The fact is that the backups triggered by pfBlockerNg (an excellent package) are useless to the firewall Administrator. It would be nice if they could be eliminated, or reduced to once a day or only once-since-the-last-non-pfBlockerNg-triggered backup.

    I can't help but wonder at some of the (hopefully only apparent) arrogance of some of the posters on this forum. It's not constructive, and it's off-putting. We ge it,t OK? You (the snarky, elitist responders) are brilliant and we are just worthless plebeians. You could, and should, be courteous regardless of that (pseudo) fact.

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