Limiting access to websites published via Squid3

  • I am running pfSense (latest version – autoupdate) and Squid3 reverse proxy (latest available package).

    I have several web sites, all with their own FQDN pointing to the same IP (the WAN-side of pfSense)

    I have successfully setup Squid3 to redirect to the actual internal web-servers.

    My challenge is that one folder (sub website) shall only be available from specific IP’s.

    My setup is:
    FQDN1 -> server1/
    FQDN2 -> server2/
    FQDN3/xxx -> server2/xxx
    FQDN3/yyy -> server2/yyy
    FQDN3/zzz -> server3/zzz (it is this one that only shall be accessible from specific IP’s.

    What will be the best practice?

    BR and thanks for any help

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